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Espressivo - to be played with expression

Lots of people ask us about our name. Mostly because they aren't sure how to say it! How come we aren't called "Bloody Great Music For Weddings Hire Us"???!!! Or why don't we stick with our stage and cruise ship name and the name of our music school "The Fleurys"?

Well, becasue when we play at a wedding, it's not about us. We are absolutely focused on the fact that we are not performing, we are creating a beautiful atmosphere for two people's special day, and for them to be the star of the show.

"Espressivo" (say it like this: "es-press-EE-vo") is an Italian musical term used to indicate a passage must be played with expression. We think it's the perfect name for our wedding ensemble which can grow to many musicians or be just us, and fitting for all the weddings we play at! Where would a wedding be without music to help create an emotion that everyone can share, and set the scene for the perfect moment?

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