​I’m having an outdoor event. Can I still book Espressivo Ensemble? 
Providing there is adequate shade from the sun. Otherwise our instruments could crack or melt!
If it’s raining, we cannot play outside, not even under an umbrella as this is not adequate protection for a musical instrument, although we could perhaps play on a covered balcony with no wind. We would have to judge each circumstance and we will be as accommodating as possible.


​Can Espressivo Ensemble play a specific piece, even if it’s not on our repertoire list?
Yes, particularly if we know at least a week in advance -  we can probably source it at no additional cost to you, but if it’s something more obscure, then there may be a small additional fee for an arrangement. 


Can Espressivo Ensemble play on the beach?

We can play near the beach, but unfortunately having beautiful instruments means Epressivo Ensemble are not able to play directly on a beach (on the sand) as there is too much exposure to elements that can potentially damage our instruments permantly. 


Will Espressivo Ensemble take breaks? How often will this be?

It depends how long you have hired us for in total and if there’s a ceremony involved or speeches, as often breaks can be catered to these times, but to give you an idea, here are a few examples…

During a 1.5 hour wedding ceremony, no breaks are necessary.

If you book Espressivo Ensemble for a two hour party, they will take a 15 min break somewhere in the middle of that time frame.

If you book Espressivo Ensemble for 3 hours, they will take 2 x 10 min breaks.


My reception is at a different place to my ceremony. Does this matter?

Not at all.


What happens if my event goes a bit wobbly and everything is not at the allotted time? Can you be flexible?
Absolutely. So long as you let us know what's happening, we can re-organise where to take breaks.
For instance, during speeches is a good time to take a break as it wouldn't be appropriate for us to play music during this time. Or if your special guest is late, you might like to ask us to start later. Be warned though, we will be leaving on time, unless you have agreed to pay “overtime”. (see below)


​Will you stay late if the Bride is late, or if the catering is delayed or something like that?
Not necessarily. If you’ve given us all the details of your booking, we should be able to advise you if we think you haven’t allotted enough time. However, if things are running late, you need to approach us and let us know the situation. It may be the case that we have other jobs to get to so be aware that we may not be able to accommodate you and stay longer at the last minute, even though we'll want to help.

There will also be a cost involved in staying later than planned and this is payable in CASH ON THE SPOT.  See the  “How much does any overtime cost” question below.


​How much does overtime cost?
If we are able to stay for longer than the agreed time of the original booking, the fee per musician, per 15 mins is $50 payable in CASH on the spot. For example, for two musicians to stay for 15 mins longer, the fee is $100 cash on the spot. 



​How do I make a booking?
In the first instance, fill in the "Request a Quote" Form and we will go from there.

The next step is an agreement to sign and a booking fee to pay, but we would need most of your wedding details before we can commit to the date so the best first step is to fill in the form. 


​What is the Booking Fee?
It is non-refundable, confirms your booking and costs $100. This will be subtracted from your total fee. 

Your booking is only confirmed, once the $100 has been paid.


​Can I change my mind and cancel?
If you cancel, you will loose your $100 booking fee. And if the cancelation occurs within less than 2 weeks of the event date, the full fee will be payable.
PLEASE NOTE: Any wedding booked for the month of November or April, and any corporate or private event booking  to take place between Dec 10th and Jan 2nd on any year, must be given 6 weeks notice for cancelation, not the usual two weeks, otherwise the full fee will be payable.


​Do I have to feed the entertainers?
If you book the entertainer to be on site for 3 or more hours they will require a meal. 


Does Espressivo Ensemble have an ABN?

Yes, Espressivo Ensemble is care of Stage Left Entertainment Pty Ltd and can provide you with an invoice or tax receipt with an ABN.


Can Espressivo Ensemble be any bigger or have different instruments?

Yes, we can grow  to a string quartet or bigger, or shrink to a harp or piano.


​How can I pay? 
You can pay by credit card, electronic transfer, or Paypal or cash on the day.
However, the $100 booking fee must be paid in advance for confirmation of your booking, even if you are paying cash on the day.


What are your contact details other than the "Request a Quote" Form?

Ph: 0414 694 208 or (02) 4381 0907

E: espressivo@centralcoastweddingmusic.com.au


Do you have public liability insurance?



​Other things to take into account:
Be sensible where you place us. For example, if you want us to play background music in a crowded room, you need to make sure we are not seated in gangways or you might find your guests get a few bow pokes. Ouch! Or if you are having a function with over 100 people, 2 musicians may not be enough - 3 or 4 may be preferable. We can help with these types of matters when you make the booking, just be sure to take our advice!


A word on bubbles at weddings – Please warn us in advance if you are having bubbles. And please ensure that they are blown away from any musicians because they damage our instruments! If the wind is blowing them onto the instruments, and it becomes too much for the instruments to cope with, you may find us hiding in the car park until the bubbles have ceased. Bubbles are pretty, but instruments are expensive!


Unruly children must be kept away from instruments too!

(See the paragraph above regarding bubbles - the same thing applies!)

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